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Product Overview:

The WIS-A790UFO series is an advanced Gigabit indoor Wi-Fi smart base stations operating in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and can provide maximum 1.8Gbps wireless speed. Wisnetworks base stations use the unique MRF MIMO technology, combined advanced Beamforming, MRC, STBC channel codec technology with 802.11n to deliver extensive range and capacity. The innovatory multi-radio technology and sector smart antenna-array design boost the WiFi signals thus increasing the effective coverage up to 3-5 times better than traditional WLAN base stations. The high-end 800MHz freescale CPU and up to 1GB RAM help to handle more than 256 users with a single base station, and save the cost for network deployment.

Key Features:

MRF Smart Antenna Array

Wisnetworks MRF smart antenna technology using the unique algorithm to evaluate the signal from different paths with different angles and different polarizations of the antenna, and then using the method of time selective fading and frequency selective fading to avoid over-distortion signals and in the end achieve the object of the reconstructed signal.

Incredible Extended coverage

The unique MRF smart antenna array helps extend 5X of the coverage range under LOS while also improving NLOS coverage. The Beamforming technology improves the link throughput and stability ensuring high quality of server for clients by long range access. And one more thing, with integrated sector antenna at three different side, the density and range of the wireless coverage would be totally boosted than other omni antenna access point.

High Density Balanced User Access

A single radio frequency WIS-A790UFO supports up to 256 wireless clients simultaneously online, the entire base station supports up to 512 concurrent wireless clients, great to meet the needs of high-density user access scenarios. 
Featuring the spectrum navigation, 2.4GHz and 5GHz users can achieve load balancing, reduce single RF load pressure. The dynamic user balance supports 2.4GHz RF user load balancing, which can dynamically adjust the number of users online each 2.4GHz radio frequency, the adjustment process is no impact on wireless clients thus increasing the connection stability.

Channel Isolation Technology

Wisnetworks WIS-A790UFO support channel isolation technology which significantly increase the SNR(Signal Noise Radio) in noisy environment. Compared to other radios, through there are non-overlapping channels like 1/6/11 but the interference would still bring down the performance of the wireless transmission. 
Featuring channel isolation technology in hardware, when the three 2.4GHz radio of WIS-A790UFO working concurrently, the performance of wireless would be 3 times than normal high power access point.

Dynamic Radio Power  Adjustment

Wisnetworks base stations featuring dynamic radio power adjustment which would automatically turn up and down the tx power of the radio, to avoid interference by each other thus improving whole wireless network performance.
With this feature along with minimum RSSI threshold and initiative reconnecting to wireless clients, several WIS-A790UFO can build a large scale wireless indoor network for seamless roaming and best WiFi experience.

Multiple Choice for Installation

The WIS-A790UFO is available for two mounting method. First is ceiling mounting for big halls like exhibition and large show room. It would bring you best performance but need professional installation tools and man power. Second we provide tripod installation which would be easy and flexible, you can put the tripod and installation kits into a suitcase customized by Wisnetworks, carrying the radio wherever you want to be, such as a meeting, a conference or even a great party. It makes the super WiFi by your side!

> Radio


- 802.11b/g/n radio (Atheros)
- Flash 32MB,RAM 1GB
- Speed up to 1.8 Gbps
- Frequency Range: 2.4-2.4835GHz
- Tx Power up to 27dBm
- Rx Sensitivity : -79dBm@MCS7

> Antenna

- 2.4GHz 9*9 8dBi 120deg Sector Antennas Array
- 5GHz 3*3 8dBi 120deg Sector Antennas Array

>Physical Parameters

- Dimension: 400*90mm
- Weight: 2.5kg
- Enclosure: Fireproofing Industrial ABS
- Ceiling/Tripod Mounting
- Working Temp: -20 ~ 60C
- Storage Temp: -40 ~75C
- Working Humidity: 10%~95% non-condensing

> Interfaces

- 2x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet(RJ45 with PoE)
- 1x 1*1000M SFP Port
- 1x CLI Serial Port

> Power

- 48~56VDC PoE
- Power Consuption: 45W

- Channel Isolation/User Load Balance

- Multiple ESSID&BSSID
- 802.1q VLAN
- QoS: Bandwidth Control and 802.11e/WMM


- CLI control, Telnet/SSH CLI
- SNMP v2 (NMS)
- Remote software upgrade
- FTP/TFTP/Web management


- Integrated Firewall
Encryption; 64/128-bit WEP; 
- Broadcast storm filtering
- RADIUS client


- ESD Protection: 15kV
- Lightning Protection: 8kV


- 2 Year


- CE, RoHS

>Package content

- WIS-A790UFO Base Station
- PoE Injector
- Power Cord 
- Ceiling Mounting kits (selectable)

- Tripod/Suitcase (selectable)