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Product Overview:

Wicontroller is a carrier grade Wireless Network Management System developed by Wisnetworks.It supports the full range of Wisnetworks wireless products and up to 1024 number of radios management and monitoring tasks for network administrator. All the radios could be maintained and monitored using one PC server. It is integrated auto discovery, cluster configuration, massive firmware upgrade, perform automatically scheduled tasks, get alerts about failures, collect statistics and many other useful features. Web-based system environment supports multi-user accounts.It is aimed to provide powerful management capabilities to all Wisnetworks wireless base station and wireless client, and greatly save CAPEX/OPEX of the network management for ISP and enterprise. 


Key Features:

Auto Discovery

Using the AP template configuration, all the radios can be discover and manage by WiController initiatively. The radios using DHCP can also quickly aquire the IP address of WiController by Option43 field, thus to be discovered and managed. If in a transparant AP network, Wicontroller can use the IP range scan feature to find all the radios need to be managed.

Configuration Templates

All the radios can be applied with defined AP template by matching IP ranges and models. With the configuration comparison feature, administrators could quickly discover whether the radio's current configuration meets the latest configuration AP template. Then with the configuration synchronization feature, all the unmatched radios could update to the unified configuration.

Scheduled Tasks

With the scheduled task feature, administrators can perform regular maintenance on equipment management including massive radio reboot, configuration import / export, firmware upgrades and so on. The task execution results will be output in a report form for easy reading and archiving records.

Diversity Statistics

The administrators can quicky get the current network status by visualized pie chart or bar chart statistics information such as the top 10 throughput users and radios. The customized statistical output of the results have a high value to provide analytical basis for the analysis of big data.

High Performance and Flexible

Wicontroller could be installed on any PC running Windows OS, including Win7/Win8/Win Server. It is cloud based and could be login with web browser or any tablets/Pads/mobile devices through local network or Internet. The highest license support managing up to 1024 radios which could meet almost all network conditions.

>System Requirement

OS: Win7, Pro/Ultimate
        Win 2003/2008 server

- CPU 2.0GHz, RAM 2GB
- Free harddisk 2GB
- Chrome or Firefox browser

- OS: Win7 Professional or higher

> AP Management

- Auto-discovery
- IP range / Subnet based discovery
- AP Status list
- Radio configuration templates management
- Rebooting / Firmware upgrade
- Import/ Export configuration
- Restore factory setting
- Group management
- Interface statistics
- VLAN setting

> Wireless Client Management

- Wireless client list and status
- MAC black/white list
- Domain filter
- Portal / Radius client or server*
- License level management

> Scheduled Tasks

- Scheduled firmware upgrade
- Scheduled device reboot
- Import/ Export configuration
- History record
- Abort tasks / modify schedule
- Task report

> Graphic Statistics

- Online/ Offline AP
- 5GHz / 2.4GHz client
- Online users per AP
- Throughput per AP
- AP offline frequency
- AP offline hours
- Client online duration
- Channel utilization

> System Management

- Multiple user account
- Alarm Email
- Syslog
- Ping/ Telnet
- License management

* The features for portal and radius server would be available in the coming version of Wicontroller.