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WIS-R series is a brand new product line of ISP level gateway. WIS-R5100 is the most cost-effective ISP level router full featured with captive web portal authentication and PPPoE authentication, along with Wisnetworks unique powerful user account management feature for bandwidth usage limit and time/date limit. The gateway supports up to 70,000 sessions and more than 200 online users, using the 11-inch rack-mount design, built-in power supply. Integrating Wisnetworks intelligent QoS management feature,WIS-R5100 helps you build a professional ISP level network easily and quickly, and provide you best Internet experience for WISP, Hotel and other industries.

A Gateway for ISP

WIS-R5100 provide customized web portal page and PPPoE server, featuring powerful unlimited user account management system with multiple accounting options like by date/duration/bandwidth quota, providing professional AAA service to both CPE users and mobile users.

A Gateway for Hotel

The customized web portal and smart QoS and ACL feature make the whole network secure to access and hi-performance for guests Wi-Fi experience. The web gui configuration greatly reduce the complexity for hotel IT department.

A Gateway for Enterprise

The powerful user behavior management with integrated flexible ACL and application management feature is extremely designed for SMB network. The full Gigabit multi-WAN easily increases the Internet to 4x to load balanced high speed.

Captive Web Portal

WIS-R5100 provide customized web portal page for all industry customers, featuring powerful unlimited user account management system with verified by date/duration/bandwidth quota.

4 to 1, 4x Faster Internet

With Multi-WAN feature, WIS-R5100 can support up to 4 WAN port by default, and balance + trunk all the Internet service to all LAN users.

Smart Layer-7 QoS 

The layer-7 smart QoS seamlessly integrate bandwidth control / speed limit & assurance and application priority control, you can define any LAN application with different priority for Internet or server accessing, while still keep the whole network system in high performance for data transfer.

Powerful & Flexible ACL Management

The layer-7 smart QoS combined with specific ACL network application management greatly improves the network efficiency and user experience, make it ideal for using in WISP, hotel and enterprise.

CPU - Dual-core 600MHz CPU
Memory - 128MB DDR


- WAN: 4 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet; RJ-45 LAN: 1 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet,
  Up to 4 x LAN (1 x WAN) ,USB: 1 x USB2.0 Reset
LED Indicators
- Ethernet LEDsPowerSystem
- Input: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
- 279 x 179 x 44mm
- 1.8kg
Environmental Conditions
- Operating Temperature: 0C (-22F) to 70C (158F)
- 3Operating Humidity: 10% to 80% non-condensing
- FCC (United States), CE (Europe) RoHS complian
Authentication Types
Captive web portalPPPoE ServerARP-Bind User
Customizable Captive Portal 
- Yes
Walled Garden
- IP / Domain
User Exception 
- Yes
Local Account Database
- Yes
Expiration / Offline Notice
- Customized
Account Number
- Unlimited
Bind MAC / IP
- Yes
Multiple Device Logi ns Per Account
- Yes
Validate Period 
- By Date / Duration / Traffic Usage 
Speed Limit
-  Yes
Change Password
- Allow authenticated users to modify their  own login password
Session Limit
- Yes
Traffic Diagram
- Yes
Online Host Monitoring
- Yes
Online APP Monitoring
- Yes
User Monitor
-  Portal / PPPoE / DHCP
DNS Cache
- Yes
Device Status
- CPU / Memory/ Session 
System Logs
- Yes
ARP Logs
- Yes
PPPoE Logs
- Yes
Web Portal Logs
- Yes
Firewall/ACL Logs
- Yes
Website Logs
- Yes
Internet Protocol
- IPv4
DHCP Server
- Yes
DHCP Relay
- Yes
Network Address Translation
- Yes
Local DNS Records
- Yes
Integrated Billing & 
Accounting System
- Yes
Billing Quota Types
- By durationBy traffic volumeBy date




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