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Wicontroller Network Management System
Note:  compatible with version 1.0.0314 of 11n and 1.0.0019 of 11ac above.

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Version 1.0.22

1. Minor bug fixed for 11n device.

Version 1.0.19

1. fixed minor bug about rescan device.

2. support SSID in Chinese.

Version 1.0.17

Features Update

1. New function about models management. User can modify the models database, choose the frequently-used models from the main library define the model name and export the data as a CSV file.

2. Modified some display on the main page of controller.

3. Modified the logicality about auto scanning devices and manual add devices.

4. Fixed some  issue about upload firmware, scheduled tasks, and device management.

5. Add the VLAN configuration in radio template.

6. Open 128 APs management as free and unlicensed.

Version 1.0.0


1. Wireless template encryption keys non-empty verification
2. Wireless Service template pages for some encryption is not displayed correctly
3. Fixed the problem of failed upgrade for single device
4. Fixed batch upgrade failures
5. Fixed some text with English instead of Chinese
6. Optimized wireless service template sync performance
7. Fixed no equipment selection and click the button 'move', not pop-up dialog
8. Improved auto-discovery performance
9. Rectification SNMP page of single devices

Features Update

1. New e-mail alert alarm
2. Configuration import and export
3. Save the configuration features
4. Factory reset function
5. Scheduled reboot settings
6. WiD TDMA feature
7. Offline alarm

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