Extremely Amazing Performance


WIS-Q450 is a 433Mbps 1*1 MIMO outdoor wireless CPE for point-to-point and

point-to-multi-point solutions. It is the most cost-effective and ultimate solution for WISP

CPE,which provides incredible long range much better than any other vendors solution.



Incredible Long Range

● Up to 23dBm Tx Power

● 14dBi directional antenna

● Wireless Speed up to 433Mbps

● Narrower Beamwidth for noise immunity



Perfect Collocation Of Monitor


WIS-Q450 can provide high definition video fluent transmission.

Wireless transmission rate, fast speed, no signal jam, multi-channel optional, effective interference avoidance.

 Avoid data loss, reduce video carton, and ensure the stability and clarity of project monitoring picture quality.  




Features and Benefifits

 14dBi panel antenna to build robust wireless PtP link

Compliant with 802.11ac/n/a, Wireless speed up to 433Mbps

Wireless Solutions for Surveillance

2 kilometers throughput 90+

40/20MHz selectable for channel bandwidth

Easy deployment and adjustment with provided mounting kits

Passive POE(24VDC) for flflexible deployment

Weather-proof design for outdoor environment

Up to16kV ESD protection



Cost-effective passive PoE


The WIS-Q450 is able to be supplied power by a power injector using passive PoE technology which is more cost-effective 

and make it more flexible to deploy the device in outdoor environment. The PoE length is up to 200 feet. 




Wide Application Scenario


WIS-Q450 provides very wide application scenario, such as elevator, hospital, school, factory, parking lot, scenic spot, construction site etc.

Simple installation without configuration and easy maintenance.