Product Overview

The WisCloud Access Point is the innovative series of products with remarkable performance in their features. All configuration and management is centrally and 

effectively operated by the same set of WisCloud Controller. It would be much easier to monitor the massive APs and more efficient to maintain the enterprise networks


Integrated Fat/Fit AP + AC Architecture

WisCloud Controller is refined designed to suit all Wisnetworks enterprise class AP equipments. A single controller can centrally 

supervise and manage the WiFi networks and multiple, distributed APs could be taken care and work in a more effective way.

Easy-to-use Interface

No special training is required to operate the controller system. The main parameters of one/multi-WU\N networks is available 

on the dashboard. Simple design would also help to easily realize the real-time status monitoring and customized 


One minute network configuration 

Using the intelligent centrally management between Ac and AP can quickly synchronize wireless configuration into each 

AP to complete a unified construction of the wireless network.configurations.


One Wiscloud Controller Supports for Unlimited AP Numbers

Unlimited AP Numbers

Unlimited AP numbers controlled by WisCloud controller would provide best experience for customers to plan and expand the WU\N networks.

Enterprise Level Radio Chipset

The high speed 1.2GHz Qualcomm CPU and 512MB DDR makes WisCloud access points much powerful to provide a stable connectivity and multifunctional wireless networks.

Supports Fat AP & Fit AP Mode

All wireless network solution is completed by integrated fit ap and controller. While fat AP is quite perfect for users who owns a few APs.working with standalone. 

Fit AP is more suitable for enterprise / ISP level wireless network and massive deployment.


Support for Standard 802.3af/at

WisCloud Access Point is able to be supplied power 802.3af PoE technology and make it more flexible to deploy the device in indoor ceiling environment.

Various APs Optional

meet different requirements from customers, we provide corresponding AP with different feature parameters including 

frequency, speed, tx power and installation method etc.