Product Overview

The WIS-ANH619 is a high performance symmetrical horn antenna with a 6 dB beamwidth of 30° and 

a stable gain of 19 dBi and over an ultra-wide bandwidth of 4.9 GHz to 6.4 GHz.

The horn antenna’s symmetrical radiation patterns was optimized using advanced genetic algorithm techniques to 

have significantly reduced side lobes that rapidly drops below 30 dB outside the main beam and a minimum front-to-back of 43 dB. 

The highly suppressed side lobes and superior front to back allows for channel (frequency) reuse and 

can reach high levels of spectral efficiency in the most challenging and noisy environments.

Hardware Overview


Features and Benefifits

delivers excellent performance in dense co-location deployments. You can split poorly performing 90° sector into three 30° 

sectors with excellent performance using Horn 30 sector antennas and offer higher throughput packages or connect more customers.

1637205892283025e4Wm.pngWIS-ANH619 驻波图.png

Mechanical Drawing


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