Wi-Fi 6e Fixed Wireless Broadband Access Solutions

Wi-Fi 6E expands on the existing Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard and allows access to a new 6 GHz band. 

Wi-Fi 6E takes the efficiency features from Wi-Fi 6 like OFDMA, WPA3, and 

Target Wake Time and extends them to the 6 GHz band to provide more contiguous spectrum and less interference. 


Why Wi-Fi 6E?

✱ More capacity in the 6 GHz band, which solves connection and congestion issues.

✱ Wider channels, up to 160 MHz, which are ideal for high-def video and virtual reality.

✱ No interference from microwaves, etc. because only 6E-capable devices can use the band.

Qualcomm chip

Qualcomm's Wi-Fi 6e product portfolio is extremely flexible, which can meet various challenging requirements. 

It supports 20/40/80/160MHz bandwidth, and has unparalleled wireless performance.


Based on the development of Qualcomm SDK, the concise page style provides you with eight language 

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