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A smooth multi-device user experience

OFDMA technology allows data transmission to up to 16 devices simultaneously with low latency,

 for more enjoyable group voice chats or multi-player gaming! MU-MIMO technology enables more 

devices to send and receive data at the same time, for lightning-fast speeds whether you're 

browsing the web or watching videos online!

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High 160MHz bandwidth

Double the bandwidth, double the speed

If bandwidth is like a motorway, then conventional 80MHz bandwidth is often congested with heavy 

traffic.With 160MHz bandwidth, the width of every lane and the theoretical speed are both doubled. 

This keeps the motorway from getting congested and gives you a smoother online experience when 

downloading games or surfing the Internet.

AX3000B-5G 连接图.jpg

Accelerate Your Business in Most Environment

Using 5G to bring better broadband to more people


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