Product Overview

WIS-S516AC is robust outdoor wireless base station featuring 802.11ac technology for high end wireless coverage 

and point to multi-point connections. When it works with wisnetworks 11ac CPE, it could reach at least 20km 

distance of network coverage, which makes it extraodinarily ideal for ISP and surveillance industry and so on.   


Extremely Amazing Performance

The integrated 2*2 MIMO technology for 867Mbps 5GHz makes it 3x speed than legacy 802.11n 

standard. The tx power is boosted up to 26dBm for incredible long distance. 


Upgraded 802.11ac Antenna

The sector antenna using in the base station is upgraded to a better shielding design, thus bringing 

higher front-back ratio compared to legacy antennas, making it superior beam performance for 256-QAM waves. 


Flexibility and Simplicity

WIS- S516AC provides ball joint for all directional installation and user-friendly

 design as no other tools required during pole mounting and wall mounting.  


Fantastically Durable for Outdoor

Integrating 8kV lightning protection, 24kV ESD protection, high durable temperature range 

and IP67 aluminum housing make it far more robust working in outdoor environment.


Significant Expense Reduction

WIS-S516AC realizes Ultra-gain in a smaller size antenna due to greatly improved antenna 

hardware design. And compactly designed box reduces the transportation and logistics expense.