Extremely Amazing Performance

The integrated 2*2 MIMO technology for 867Mbps 5GHz makes it 3x speed than legacy 802.11n standard.

The tx power is boosted up to 26dBm for incredible long distance.  


Optimized 11ac Panel Antenna

The integrated 25dBi 2x2 MIMO panel antenna of WIS-L525AC is easy to provide long range outdoor PtP connections. 

The highly improved front-back-ratio and beamwidth help build sustainable 11ac links.


500Mbps+ Real TCP Throughput

By real outdoor environment test, the WIS-L525AC is capable for up to 500Mbps+ real throughput, even in 

12km range still reaches 310Mbps. This makes the WIS-L525AC extremely applicable in high capacity backhaul applications. 


Robust Lightning Protection

In order to reduce the WISP maintenance cost, we integrate 8kV Ethernet lighting protection module into the WIS-L525AC. 

This feature along with high durable temperature range and IP67 housing make it far more robust working in outdoor environment.


New WisOS with NMS Support

The new fresh WisOS web interface makes the software much easier to operate and more detail info to monitor. WiD TDMA, spectrum 

analyzer and more WisOS feature helps the WISP build a better wireless network. The WiController NMS central management helps 

greatly reduce the cost of the device monitoring and maintaince.