Product Overview

WIS-D523 is a 433Mbps outdoor wireless dish bridge for long range point-to-point and point-to-multi-point solutions. 

It is the most cost-effective and ultimate solution for WISP CPE, which provides incredible long range much better than any other vendors solution.



Incredible Long Range

The WIS-D523 has successfully made it with high power radio integrated into a dish antenna feed horn. In this way the whole system just eliminates 

the insertion loss from the RF cable and connectors, making it a highly efficient system along with extremely smart and powerful all-in-one design.  


Best Noise Immunity CPE Yet

The dish antenna using in the radio system helps to provide extremely high gain and narrow beamwidth thus making 

the signal easy to survive in long range propagation, and increasing system performance.


Effortless and Flexible Installations

The WIS-D523 is using a new-designed mounting kits, and it is all angles adjustment, 

effortless to install on any pole mount or wall mount condition. 


Ingenious Package Design

Color box, small package design like CPEs, the lowest cost for transportation, we think 

those are everything you need for a best cost-effective radio.


Full Feature & Performance  

The 4-year-developed WisOS and intelligent tools provided will help you build a 

professional and stable wireless network easily and quickly.


  Wireless Bridge Series






 Tx Power23dBm26dBm
 Antenna Gain23dBi23dBi