Antenna Solutions

WIS partners with our customers to ensure we’re designing innovative antennas to meet real-world environments. With our fluid building-block design, WIS can tailor solutions to meet your specific network requirements. And our global footprint gives us insight and access to a variety of unique solutions.

Wi-Fi Antenna

Wireless mining communication networks transport data, voice, and video, supporting applications that are essential to efficient and safe mine operations. The network is typically comprised of both fixed and mobile nodes such as control room and moving trucks. Wireless communications products operating in this setting must be ruggedized and be capable of handling extreme temperatures and weather conditions, shock and vibration, as well as dirt and dust. Often, the active mining site is transient so the network must be easy to move and setup in different locations around the mine every few months. To provide maximum benefit, wireless mining communication networks must offer broadband speeds and form a flexible and reliable foundation to securely support multiple applications on one cost-effective physical infrastructure.

LTE/5G Antenna

Various coverage solutions

Wisnetworks provide with various coverage solution with WIS-A series smart base station, WIS-L series sector and panel base station and WIS-S series detachable radio working with Wisnetworks antennas. Those base stations combination can provide you zero dead zone coverage with high speed wireless for data, voice and video communications.

Mobile field communications

>Wisnetworks Zero Sense Roaming Technology enables communications and access to data between workers/vehicles in the mine fields moving among different coverage area of the base station, staff located in operations control and processing room, improving operational efficiencies and productivity.

Real-time video

Video cameras are the most practical and efficient way to visually monitor overall activity in large pit operations, particularly around the use of explosives. Working with IP cameras or CCTV camera+DVR, Wisnetworks radio enables video to be streamed to the control room in real time with very low latency.

Robust and rugged design

With the tough industrial IP67 waterproof die-cast aluminum design, the Wisnetworks radios can work in various outdoor conditions, in sunshine or rainfall, wind and snow. Besides that with the robust lightning protection hardware integrated and grounding terminal outside the enclosure, you would no longer worry about the lightning and ESD damage to the device, thus ensuring you a tough and safe network for communications.

Tunnel Wireless

Featuring narrow beamwidth with high gain directional antennas, Wisnetworks radios can cover a 1km straight tunnel with a single wireless base station. And if there is NLOS condition in the tunnel with horizontal or vertical skewing, the AP repeater function of the base station can connect up to 6 radios together with wireless, in this way, simply put more radios in the tunnel and the wireless system would solve the coverage and roaming problems.